way. beautiful you captured the day
in the most
genuine and megan
"We are so in love with all the photos! It was like reliving the wedding. All the small stuff that slipped my mind from the wedding day I suddenly remembered when I saw the photos! Best gift I could ever have." lauren & logan
"I received the album and it literally made me tear up! It is so gorgeous, more than I could have ever hoped for!." Molly
"This slide show is AMAZING!!! I have watched it over and over...and over. I feel like I'm watching my very own fairytale. It's very emotional to see the day unfold through your beautiful images." kate
"We have gone on and on about how hard you worked and how much we enjoyed having you as our photographer! You are simply amazing and a joy to work with! You made us both feel so comfortable and at ease." Lindsay & Paul
"I have NO words for how amazing these are. These images are straight out of my dreams. Still ingesting them. Thank you is NOT enough. You have made my family members cry!" dare
"The photographs of my family will always be treasured. My mom died this morning with the family picture at her side. God must have known that we needed a special picture of our family, and He led me to you." Lynne
"Your art starts with your heart. That is what separates you and makes you great at what you do. I am happy you are doing something fulfilling to both you and your clients." mom
"The pictures are beyond words, and we've had friends near and far ask who did such amazing work. It gives us great joy to sing your praises for a job well done." billy & brian